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World's largest canvas painting by a single artist - click to enlarge about the World's Largest Painting in Australia

The World's Largest Canvas Painting by one Artist

For years Ando, planned and designed how to construct and paint this seemingly seamless canvas painting. The Big Picture is no ordinary painting, measuring 100 metres by 12 metres at its highest point, it is the World's Largest acrylic painting on canvas painted by a single artist. Ando's unique style of 'super realism' brings the outback to life. As visitors enter through the side of the artwork, they are often unbalanced by the experience of 'walking into a painting' while having the impression of being in the actual outback. From the viewing platform to the actual picture, 300 tonne of red dirt has been laid and landscaped to match the painting, the viewer can't tell where the 3D finishes and the 2D starts.

Large Painting - Ando had to lie on his back on a scaffold BIG PICTURE STATS
Creator and painter: Ando
Location: NSW, Australia
Size: 100 metres X 12 metres
Brush Strokes Required: Billions!
World's largest canvas painting by a single artist - cliTURck to enlarge
Australian icon Laurie Lawrence about The Big Picture: "Ando has given us a National Treasure"
There are over 1,000,000 saltbush, 20,000 trees, 20,000 small stones, 1000 large stones, 3000 clouds, 2000 buildings, 1500 hills, 12 sculptures, one lightening and thunderstorm, one sunrise and 3 tonne of paint on one & one half tonne of canvas.
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World's Largest Art on Landscape was created in Australia's Outback by the Australian Artist Ando.
Ando likes to work in a big format... Now he has painted and created the largest art painting in the world.
Look for the above huge art work by Ando featured in the publication of Ripley's Believe it or Not!

This page features the world's largest nature art on canvas...
Ando has also created the largest art in nature:
World's Largest Art on Landscape by Australian Artist Ando

There is now a painting considered the largest in the world, painted by several artists.
Australian artist Ando has created the largest canvas painting in the world by a single artist.
Those who vacation to Australia can tell you this painting is so large it literally surrounds you
with the arwork as you step into his landscape...The floor below matches the canvas walls.
Ando also has created the largest art in nature ON landscape.
If you visit the gallery link above you can view his samples of canvas/giclee art

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