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The Strockman's Smile is as wide as the Empire State Building is Tall...


Covering over 4 million square metres (over five million square yards), this Andoscape was 'painted' onto the landscape of the Mundi Mundi Plains in Australia. The Stockman image was chosen to represent those who pioneered the Outback plains of Australia and is from an original drawing by Ando. Although the co-ordination and measuring of the on-site image was completed by Ando with the assistance of Canadian Christine Righetti, the actual image was drawn and interpreted entirely by Ando. The process was one that took enormous attention to detail and tens of thousands of calculations.

The image, known as Mundi Man or Eldee Man is located on Mundi Mundi Plains, NSW. "I have done hundreds of paintings of landscapes on canvas but this is the first time I have used the landscape as my canvas!"

Ando's artwork is more than six times larger than the previous " largest work of art in the world " done by Christo when he wrapped 11 islands in Florida, USA
click for enlargement of World's Largest Artwork - by Australian Artist Ando

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World's Largest Art
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See Largest Art in the World from 7600 ft
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The World's Largest Art was created in Australia's Outback by the Australian Artist Ando.
Ando also created the world's largest painting - acrylic on canvas by a single artist.

Look for the world's largest canvas art painted by Ando in Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Here it is found by Google Earth...#4 in the slideshow
Quote: "The artist Ando doesn't just think big--he thinks humongous."

To see the actual Google Earth's shot of Ando's work Largest Artwork in the world
- simply enlarge using + and you can see the relationship in size to the landscape
around it, proving it is the largest art created on Earth!

This page features the world's largest nature art on landscape...
Ando has also created the largest art in the world on canvas:
World's Largest Nature Art painted on canvas by Australian Artist Ando

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